How To Delete Gmail Account Permanently


Google now lets you delete Gmail account and all the messages in it ( but still keep your YouTube, Google, drive etc. accounts )

Why Delete Gmail Account?

For one reason or the other, you might decide to shut down you’re your Gmail account, well I don’t need to know why or what makes you think you should shut down your account I just need to show you how to do it.

Delete Gmail account and delete the associated Gmail address with this easy steps

  1. Go to google account settings
  2. Click on delete your account or services under account preferences
  3. Click delete product

Note- you can also delete google account and data to completely remove your google account ( including docs, AdWords and AdSense, search history as well as other Google services )

  1. Choose the Gmail account you would like to delete
  2. Enter the password to the account
  3. Click next
  4. Now click on the trashcan next to Gmail

Important- You can also follow the download data link for a chance to download your Gmail messages through google takeout

Tips- you can also do a backup of your email to another account if possible to a new a new google address

  1. Enter another email address different from the address associated with the Gmail you are about to close, enter an email address in how you will sign in to google dialog box

Note- Gmail may have entered the secondary address you used when opening the Gmail account, the alternative email you entered now becomes your new google account username

Important- Make sure to enter a valid email address that is active which you can access, you will need it to complete deleting your account.

  1. Now click on send verification code.
  2. Open the email sent from Google ( with the subject Gmail deletion confirmation or ‘’security alert for your linked google account’’
  3. Click on the deletion link in the message to continue.
  4. If requested, log in the Gmail account you’re deleting.
  5. Below confirm Gmail deletion, select Yes, I want to delete permanently from my Gmail account.
  6. Click delete Gmail. Note- this action cannot be reversed, once you click this your account and all the messages in it will be deleted.
  7. Click on done.


All messages will be deleted permanently, you will no longer have access to them in Gmail if you downloaded a copy of your messages using google take out or other email programs you can use the messages

Note- if you are the type that uses IMAP to access Gmail in your email program, you can only access messages copied to the local folder, other emails on the server and folders will be deleted.


People who message you through your old Gmail address will get back a delivery failure message.

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