How To Add Web Push Notification To Blogger Blog


Have you come across web push notification on popular sites like Pinterest, Facebook, and Softonic etc.?


Web push notification is becoming widely popular because they provide a better way to reach your subscribers/audience.


What is web push notification?

Web push notification is a small message from an app or website, the message is clickable and appears on your mobile or pc

The success story behind the web push notification is the fastness, it delivers content very fast.


Popular sites like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and lots more are already using web push notification service and they are making more engagement in email marketing and social networks

It helps in engaging more users on your blog and would definitely boost your traffic and your returning visitors.

There are various ways of setting up web push notification for your blog with different services, I will be using push-engage in this tutorial.


What is push-engage?

Push-engage is a service that renders the simplest way of adding a notification to your blog, it does not require you have Https enabled just adding a simple JavaScript snippet code will do trigger the push notification.

Push engage also provides free and paid package which depends upon the number of subscribers you have, you can start with a free plan if you don’t have much to invest and upgrade to a paid plan in future.


How to get started with push notification in blogger

web push notification

The first thing you need to do is visit the push-engage page and sign up for a free account, with the free account you can reach up to 25,000 subscribers. To register, fill the sign-up form with the right information(s) and click on the start my free trial

After your successful registration, you will be redirected to the installation page. In the settings, you will need to enter your site title, your site logo and your site URL, after providing all relevant information click on update site settings

On the same installation page, scroll down to find the push-engage JavaScript code, copy and paste the code as seen in the image below.


Where to paste the code

Go to your blogger dashboard click on template>>edit HTML, inside your template HTML section search for this code </head> and paste the code you copied earlier above it then click on save the template.

You have successfully added the web push notification to your blog, now visit your blog you will get a notification asking you to subscribe to your blog push notification.


How to customize your subscription box

If you want to customize how your subscription box looks like, follow the instruction below

  • Go to your push-engage dashboard click on subscription box dialog settings.
  • On dialog type select your preferred style, the most attractive style is the safari style box, you can also preview the subscription dialog box before applying it
  • When done click on update option settings


How to send notification to subscribers

If you want to send notification to your subscribers follow the steps below

  • Go to your dashboard and click on notification the new notification and fill the necessary details like the notification title, message, and your notification link

  • Once you are done click on submit and your notification will be created and successfully sent to all your subscribers.


I hope this tutorial has helped you in learning how to add the web push notification to your blog, if you have any question concerning this post don’t hesitate to drop your question in the comment section and if you know of any web push notification service you can also mention it in the comment box.


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